NEW CLASSES COMING SUMMER 2021 Upcoming Courses:

Upcoming Courses:


Basic Tax Preparation Course TBD

Topics may include:

  • Responsibilities of a Tax Professional
  • The Tax Return Preparation Process
  • Taxpayer Identification Numbers
  • Filing Statuses and Who Should File a Tax Return
  • Personal and Dependency Exemptions                                                                                      
  • Income – Part I
  • Income – Part II
  • Self-Employment Income
  • Standard and Itemized Deductions
  • Credit for Child and Dependent Care
  • Child Tax Issues
  • Credit for the Elderly or Disabled
  • Sale of Investment Property
  • Sale of Home
  • Adjustments to Income – Part I
  • Adjustments to Income – Part II
  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • and More……

Next Class Start Date: TBD


  • Weeks 1-4 Tax Preparation Basics (The Foundation)
  • Weeks 5-6 Software Training, Practice & Test*

Live Webinar Classes:  Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8 pm est.

Online Coursework:  Self-Study and Recordings with Reference Materials and Take Course Quizzes/ Tests


Saturday, December 14th – 839 E. Market St, Suite 100, Akron, OH 44305

  •      In-Person Q&A:  2-4 pm est 
  •      Graduation Celebration:   4-6 pm est  

Tax Business 101 for Business Tax Partners will be scheduled for TBD

Square Financing Installment Payment Option

Intermediate Tax Preparation Course

(Coming Soon)

Advance Tax Preparation Course

(Coming Soon)

Business Deductions Course

(Coming Soon)

What Can I Deduct?

(Coming Soon)

Payment Link: TBD

Financial Literacy Courses

Credit Education

(Coming Soon)

Financial LIteracy (Adults)

(Coming Soon)

Financial Literacy for Kids 

(Coming Soon)

Coupons 101

(Coming Soon)


Course Refund Policy:

It is always our goal to make sure that our students receive instruction that is not only thorough in knowledge, but simple enough to understand.  We hope they will be satisfied with the course that they enroll in.  We will make every effort to accommodate our student’s needs. Still, it is our understanding that situations may arise preventing an individual from taking or continuing the course that they have paid for. Generally, we do not offer monetary refunds, but exceptions may be made for special circumstances. All refunds must be requested in writing via fax or email and also approved by the Owner or an authorized Manager.  JLW Tax & Financial Services LLC and its affiliates/ partners reserve the right to change this policy at any time, or deny any refund request.   Contact us for a detailed copy of our refund policy and procedures.